Speaker of Parliament - Hiyamashū People's Parliament


Speaker of Parliament

The Right Honorable

Speaker of the House

The Speaker of Parliament is assumed by the State Advisor chosen by The Emperor. Their job is to keep parliamentary sessions civil and to choose who to speak and when to speak.

The Speaker serves as an impartial individual whom presides over the entire house, enforces rules and fair to all MPs. They do not take part in debates.

Incumbent Speaker

The Right Honorable

Albrecht von Löwe
猫山 清二


Albrecht von Löwe (猫山 清二, Nekoyama Seiji) is the 3rd First Minister of Hiyamashū. He was called upon by Emperor Tokiharu, to run as First Minister during the Conflict of Aristocrats.

He was elected into the 3rd Hiyamashunese People's Parliament as First Minister with a landslide win.

Albrecht is commonly known as the Father of Democratic Hiyamashū and is also officially designated as the National Cartographer & the head of the Geospartial Cartograhy Office.

Past Speakers