Functions of Parliament - Hiyamashū People's Parliament


Functions of Parliament

Checks & Balances

At the start of each session, a portion of parliamentary time is dedicated to "First Minister's Questions". During this period, members of the opposition may question the government on their methods of goverance and any planned legislation.

Making of Laws

Parliament's main function is create new laws for the empire. Before a law is passed, it is introduced into parliament as a "bill" which consists of a white paper & a green paper. Bills can be introduced by members of the public, members of parliament and the government.

All bills would then be reviewed in parliament during "readings", in which the entirity of the bill is scrutinised for its effectiveness and outcome for the empire. The Emperor's imperial assent is required to turn bills into law.

Bill submitted

First Reading

Bill introduced into Parliament.

Second Reading

Bill is debated and scrutinised.


Bill is voted on in Parliament.

Imperial Review

Finalised bill is reviewed by The Emperor for any mistakes and to ensure that the bill does not disadvantage certain groups of people.

Imperial Assent

The Emperor signs off and seals the bill with the Imperial Seal, officialising the bill, turning it into a law.

Public Notified

The public is notified of the change through communication channels and the law comes into effect.

New Law Created